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Beth Goldstiener

Good morning, Ted, I was pleased to see the beautiful new pictures you added to your website. I noticed the name was Art Frederick and my first thought was I was on someone else's page. Do you still own Monocacy River Photography or have you retired it?

Either way, glad you're still taking pictures and hope the city will hold the Arts Fest this June so my husband and I can come by and purchase another piece of your work to brighten our home.


The Barns are Perfect!

Ted just had your barn prints mounted with barnwood textured frames. Beautiful. The door prints were hung in the foyer near, what else but the front door. Thanks for filling our bare walls with great pictures. You got the eye!


Love seeing your work at Crestwood

Just wondering if you will be hanging at the FMH Crestwood Facility in the near future? Would love to see more of your work.

Carlyle Seabolt

Happy New Year!

The canvases I purchased from you over the Christmas holidays perfect. The large "Doors of Frederick" one always get the same question when company comes over, "That's beautiful and where did you get it?!" The other three canvas made wonderful Christmas gifts because they felt really personal, thoughtful, and different. Thanks so much for delivering them to the house. Your work is amazing, and your spirit is warm and inviting. Happy New Year.


Awesome Work

Awesome work Ted Robinson. You actually capture everyday sights in a way not seen by others. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful Pictures!

Beautiful Pictures. I especially enjoyed the videos as you can see an array of the photos while it gives a great visual perspective on the area. The web site was very easy to navigate through, which I especially appreciate.

Kristy Copic

Pics For My website

Yeddy, I love the pics. I see you're very talented. I will need new photos for my website, and I will contact you soon.


Stunning Artwork

You're an amazing photographer and have visually stunning artwork!


Festival of The Arts

My husband and I enjoyed talking to you Sunday morning at the Festival of the Arts. We fell in love with your work. Your photography on canvas is beautiful and topical for us because we live in and love Frederick City. Your artwork brings out the beauty of everything you photograph, and I look forward to seeing new artwork featuring the newest part of the creek. You are a wealth of knowledge, totally friendly and a good representative of all the good people we have here.

Vickye and Steve

They Look Like Paintings

Mr. Robinson-I love how you have captured the beauty in these photos! They look like beautiful paintings and are truly a work of art. You are so creative, and these angles are magnificent! It would be an honor to hang any one of these photos in my home. Keep up the good work!

Katrina R.


Your artwork is absolutely breathtaking. These photos give off such a welcoming and heartfelt spirit, which truly represents the person you are. Your talents are marvelous, and you're using them well!


In The Streets

I met you and purchased two of your sprints at the In the Street festival last Saturday. I sent your website information to my mom and a family friend (both of who live in Texas) and they both LOVE your work! They were joking about moving to Frederick because of how beautiful the area looks in your pictures. Keep up the awesome photographs--you might be sending some to Texas in the near future :)


Point of Rocks

Ted, It was so nice to meet you today. It's always great to meet a fellow 'Bama alumnus. We so appreciate the beautiful photograph of "Point of Rocks" and can't wait to frame it and find a special place for it. There are many others we loved but the cobalt blue water jumped out at us. Will look for you at future festivals and galleries. Please add us to your mailing list if you have one. "Roll Tide!

Jim and Barbara Templin (Fresh Air Music Entertainment

Covered Bridge

Afternoon Ted, we love the Red Covered Bridge. It's hanging in our living Room. Let us know when you have another showing.



Thanks, Ted, for your work and passion. I love supporting local arts and you have a true appreciation of Frederick County and the surrounding historical areas. We love our pictures and proudly display them in our home. We get many compliments, which we forward to you. Thanks!


Army Buddy

As always, you produce some awesome creations! You provide so much inspiration. I wish you continued success in the further.

Hosie Richard

In The Streets

What wonderful images you have been able to capture! We enjoyed meeting you at In the Streets and look forward to adding your photographs to our home.

Melissa Matesa

Frederick Festival of the Arts

Ted, just wanted to say the piece we bought at the Frederick Festival of Arts was just right for the space. It completed the remolding in our sitting room. Let me know when you are showing again.


Love Your Site

Good Job!

Jennifer V.

Vendor Shows

Wonderful work. I look forward to visiting your vendor shows this year!

M. J.

Roll Tide!

Great work Ted!! Thanks for sharing!!

Classmate Barb!!



Thank you so much for the amazing train picture! My co-worker LOVED it! Your pictures are unbelievable! I will be ordering more for the holidays :)


Tabbie P.

Carroll Creek Piece

Ted, congratulations on a great year. I have really enjoyed your work and the pieces my wife and I bought really added the final touch to a bare wall we've had for some time but just could not find the right piece. The Carroll Creek print really fit our decor and set the mood. Thanks again and continue to let us know when you will be showing again.

Chad and Melissa



Perfection at its best!

Evelyn Davis

Office Decor

Enjoyed viewing your site. Our office is in the planning for upgrading our decor. I will contact you.

Harriet Butler

Carroll Creek Piece

Gorgeous pictures and very unique touch with HDR!

S. McDyss

2011 Frederick Festival of the Arts

Teddy, love you're work. My husband and I stopped by your booth during the 2011 Frederick Festival of Arts on Carroll Creek. Hope you make it this summer. Looking forward to seeing you and purchasing a piece for our new home.

Carol Treibley

Keen Eye

You have a wonderful selection of photographs. It is clear, based on the images on this site, that you have an incredibly keen eye for photography. Wonderful product! Additionally, I really like your site's design and ease of use. Great job!

Nicole Thompson

Crimson Tide

Thanks for the Crimson Tide pictures. Do you plan to keep posting? I particularly like the one of Mark Ingram busting into the end zone. The techniques that you used almost make the picture look as if he's really moving! Roll Tide!


Randy Westbrook

Beautiful Work!


Beautiful work, very creative, really nice. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing.


Michelle Hupp

Gorgeous Pictures

Gorgeous pictures! My order is on the way!

Trish McDuffie

You Opened My Eyes

Ted, what amazing prints! I never realized Frederick had so much to offer in landscape art. I have seen a lot of pictures of Baker Park in my 20 years here in Frederick but have never seen it like you showed it in your print. I have ordered one for myself and one for mother who will definitely appreciate it! Continue shooting because I am now a regular of your work. Thanks Rich.

Rich Armitage

Beautiful Work!


Beautiful work, very creative, really nice. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing.


Michelle Hupp

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